Straight, well-aligned teeth are prettier and easier to keep clean. At NU Smile Dental, our orthodontics are for all ages, from children to the elderly. Our dentist, Jeremy Thompson in Riverton, Utah, offers the most modern orthodontic techniques, with two great options:

1. Speed Orthodontics: The latest advances in technology cut treatment times down from the traditional two years to an average of six months!

The reason traditional orthodontic treatment averages two years is that stainless steel (the traditional metal used for orthodontic wires) had some disadvantages. The wire would be stiff when first placed on the teeth, causing a lot of pain to the patient in the first few days. Just as the pain subsided, it would then wimp out and lose its “memory” of its previous shape, and essentially stop working from that point forward until the next appointment. This “Start-Stop” movement was not only quite painful but greatly delayed final results.
Thankfully, recent metallurgical developments enable Dr. Thompson to use a highly advanced wire alloy that is designed to be “soft” but keeps its memory, so it puts a very gentle but continuous pressure on the teeth to move into alignment, allowing it to work all month long between visits. This is the biggest reason why Speed Orthodontics at NU Smile Dental averages an incredible six months in treatment time! Welcome to the 21st Century!

2. Invisible Orthodontics: For those who don’t like braces, computer-designed clear aligners have also advanced, allowing you to take the trays out for seven hours each day. Comfort and convenience are better than ever for brace-less orthodontics!

Traditional “Invisible braces” are done by placing a thin plastic tray over the teeth which pushes the teeth into alignment a little at a time. The first tray is worn for a week or more, and then is replaced with another tray that pushes the teeth a little father, and the process is repeated until the teeth are straight. While this is a wonderful idea, it came with some disadvantages. First of all, it required the patient to be very vigilant to wear their trays continuously or the teeth would backslide into their former positions, often greatly delaying the final result and causing frustration to the patient and doctor.
Also, the trays were a little bulky and interfered with speech, and even though the plastic was clear, it was still quite visible. These two problems were detrimental to social interactions.
With the advent of digital imaging, 3D printing, computerized modeling of tooth movements, and many researched-based studies, the new advanced trays are only worn for 17 hours per day instead of 24. That means that for 7 hours per day the trays are removed, enabling most people to leave them out during the most social hours of their day. Between that, and the new thinner, stronger, less-visible tray material which has a better fit and less impact on the speech, the social impact has been minimized. At NU Smile Dental, most Clear Aligner cases are completed in about 6 months—the same as Speed Orthodontics!



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