DIAGNOdent™ is a highly advanced laser cavity detection system that enables our dentist, Dr. Jeremy Thompson at NU Smile Dental in Riverton, Utah, to find cavities that lurk in cracks or under old fillings that can be nearly impossible to find with other methods.

Decay never shrinks or goes away, but always grows bigger over time! With the DIAGNOdent™ laser, Dr. Thompson finds the cavities in their beginning stages so that they can be restored before they grow.


The laser is harmless and painless, and when placed over the tooth, gives a reading between 1 to 100 based on how deep and infected the cavity has become. This allows Dr. Thompson to pick the perfect dental procedure needed to fix the problem in the best possible way.

Call 801-NUSMILE (801-687-6453) today and ask for a free DIAGNOdent™ screening so you can check for lurking decay on yourself or your child. We look forward to hearing from you. Call today!

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